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Flowing suspended ceiling made of Escale spiral mesh in the Cour de Justice

Cour de Justice inside

Metal mesh beautifies the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

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Architect Dominique Perrault encapsulated the old building structure of the Palais de Justice in a two-storey ring elevated at a height of 11 m. The hall becomes a real highlight thanks to the gigantic installation of a golden shimmering, flowing suspended ceiling made of Escale 7x1 spiral mesh. The circular, three-dimensional structure already impresses with its dimensions, standing around 10m tall, up to 19m wide and approximately 28m long. 40 trapezoidal mesh elements unfold and overlap from a tulip-shaped center to create a canopy. The mesh panels vary in length from 5.65m to 18.35m and in width from 1.10m to 4.50m. In total, 1,387m² of tailor-made design mesh was installed.

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