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28. December 2017

EGR camera inspection as key technology

Exhaust turbochargers and low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (LP EGR) have become the standard for diesel engines in modern passenger cars. The three-dimensional volumetric mesh from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG made of high-temperature-resistant stainless steel protects the turbocharger in the LP exhaust gas filter from mechanical damage by particulates. It offers 70 percent greater volume porosity than conventional square mesh in the same wire diameter. In the ultramodern automated manufacturing process, every single aperture of the high-performance mesh is examined by continuous camera inspection.

LP EGR systems are considered a key technology in achieving emission values at high engine loads. The particulate filter made of volumetric mesh from GKD and integrated into the LP EGR system prevents particulate from getting into the impeller wheel and therefore protects against wear or even damage that could lead to total failure of the engine and turbocharger. In addition, thanks to its low loss of pressure, the particulate filter prevents an increase in fuel consumption. The volumetric mesh’s non-symmetrically arranged pores of different sizes guarantee a significantly wider and higher particulate filtration level. This requires high-precision apertures and component cleanliness that GKD ensures by means of seamless quality controls. A fully automated camera inspection examines each individual aperture for potential weaving errors, particulate matter, or deviations from the mesh sizes stipulated in the requirements specifications. Defect locations are automatically marked and ejected. This ensures that every component meets the strict quality standards of the manufacturers and customers. Each of the ultramodern punching and forming robots can then manufacture up to 50,000 filters per week in a Class SaS2 cleanroom compliant with VDA 19 Part 2. End-to-end quality controls, precision, and parts traceability all the way to the mesh assure the world’s leading automobile manufacturing customers of constant premium quality.

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