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15. November 2017

Illuminating landmark: spiral mesh as an eye-catcher

Ceiling-high room dividers made of stainless steel mesh from GKD - GEBR. KUFFERATH AG characterize the central entrance area of the Les Tours du Pont de Sèvres office towers refurbished by Dominique Perrault. Perrault created an agora covering 5,000 square meters as a meeting point and junction for residents and employees. This is given an unmistakable face through room dividers and stair strings made of two different types of Escale stainless steel mesh.

Perrault added a fourth hexagonal tower to the existing three. After comprehensive asbestos removal work, only the form-giving and supporting concrete structure remained of the old tower blocks on the southwestern outskirts of Paris. The façades and ceilings were completely replaced. Prism-shaped aluminum frames with integrated LEDs encircle the upper section of the towers up to ten floors high and shine at night like sparkling bracelets. The tower complex was therefore renamed CityLights in keeping with its new character as a literally shining landmark. With a considerably expanded foyer area Perrault gave the building complex a new heart, naming it Agora after the central festival and assembly places of antiquity. From here it is possible to access offices, businesses, restaurants and other facilities that are integrated in the new development. Ten ceiling-high room dividers – each measuring up to six meters wide and 9.5 meters high – lend structure to the visual openness of the area measuring 1500 square meters. On the upper levels of the foyer these form corridors that guide the flow of visitors to their various destinations. Depending on the lighting and viewing angle, the puristic panels made of Escale 7 x 1 mesh have a transparent or opaque appearance. By reflecting light to produce a variety of effects and by mirroring the movements in the room, the three-dimensional spiral mesh lend the walls a dynamic appearance. For the broad stairs leading to the two other foyer levels, Perrault opted for fall guard protection elements from the same mesh family, but this time using the Escale 7 x 2 solution. Aspects in favor of the choice of material were its attractive aesthetics and robust functionality, offering properties such as freedom from maintenance, insensitivity and non-flammability that are especially desirable in public places.

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