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Wire mesh

Wire mesh is produced from metal wires. The mesh is manufactured on special wire weaving machines. In principle, all metals, which can be processed to form a weavable wire, are suitable for the production of wire mesh. Industrial mesh and conveyor belt mesh have a wire diameter of 12 µm to 6 mm, while architectural mesh ranges from 0.5 mm to 7 mm.

Mesh made from wire cables, wire bundles or pre-formed wires is also called wire mesh. Wire mesh is also commonly referred to as screen mesh or, in general, as a screen, even if the application scope of the wire mesh extends far beyond screening technology, such as when used as filtration mesh in filtration technology.

Depending on the requirement, the mesh is produced in different weave types. These range from familiar square mesh in plain weave to complex multi-ply mesh constructions.

Three wire mesh types are usually distinguished in architectural applications. Cable mesh: Metal mesh, whose warp is made of a wire cable, for the production of large-scale structures (e.g. façade coverings) up to 8 m wide. PC or rigid mesh: Through the use of monofilament wire instead of the wire cable, these are plate-like and are particularly well suited to false ceilings or balustrades. Spiral mesh: Consisting of metal tape spirals, which are connected to rods, this wire mesh has advantages when it comes to three-dimensional shapes.

The following survey shows our industrial wire meshes:


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